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Medical Student Sub-internship

Visiting sub-interns will be allowed in accordance with AAMC recommendations, please view our visiting student web page for additional information.
Our program is NS-410


We offer sub-internships to fourth year medical students to get a first-hand experience in our residency program. Applications are accepted through VSLO.

Medical students who are interested in learning more about neurological surgery are invited to participate in this rotation. The rotation offers exposure to all facets of the neurological surgery service, including spine, cerebrovascular, functional, tumor, pediatric and peripheral nerve. Sub-interns’ round in the ICUs and on the wards with the residents in the morning, prepare for and scrub on cases in the operating room, participate in seeing inpatient consults, and attend faculty clinics and teaching conferences. Sub-interns are expected to take call with the residents, understanding that they observe resident work hour restrictions.  Sub-interns may also be asked to present a brief presentation on the neurosurgical topic of their choice. This presentation may focus on a variety of neurosurgical or research topics, including the student’s prior research, an interesting case that they have seen, or a relevant topic in the field of neurological surgery.

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