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Message from the Program Director

In many ways, neurological surgery sits at the apex of medicine in terms of its requirements for technical skill, stamina, the need for scientific advancement and the seriousness of the disorders that it encompasses. As such, the field of neurosurgery attracts the best and the brightest, and the Neurological Surgery Residency Program in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the UMass Chan Medical School considers it a great privilege to have the opportunity to train these individuals and introduce them to this amazing and rewarding field.

Our training program is designed to provide each resident with comprehensive training in neurological surgery while also equipping them with the skills needed to become successful scientific investigators and educators in neurological surgery. We are deeply committed to training the next generation of neurosurgeon-scientists, educators and leaders in the field of neurological surgery. The clinical training program covers all of the major areas of neurological surgery. In addition to clinical training, two years of the program are devoted to research, more in-depth training in specific clinical areas or the attainment of additional postgraduate degrees (e.g., MBA, MPH, MHA, etc.).

Equally important is the supportive, family-like training environment of our program, where residents, faculty and staff cultivate strong friendships that extend beyond the workplace, friendships that last. If your goal is to become a leader in academic neurosurgery and to have a positive impact on the lives of others through clinical excellence, research and innovation, this is the program for you.

Mark D. Johnson, MD, PhD
Maroun Semaan Professor of Neurological Surgery
Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery
Residency Program Director
UMass Chan Medical School
UMass Memorial Health