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Checklist for supporting services

  Hosp 1 Hosp 2 Hosp 3 Hosp 1 Hosp 2 Hosp 3
1. Microchemical laboratory X X           
2. Blood gas laboratory X X           
3. Perinatal diagnostic laboratory X              
4. Radiology and ultrasound imaging facility X X           
5. Diagnostic bacteriology and virology laboratory X bact X bact & virol           
6. Hematology laboratory X X           
7. Blood Bank X X           
8. EKG and EEG laboratories X X           
9. CT and/or MRI imaging facilities X X           
10. Screening laboratory for inborn errors of metabolism MASS STATE LAB MASS STATE LAB           
11. Clinical toxicology laboratory X X           
12. Nuclear medicine facilities X X           
13. Cytogenetics laboratory - X