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Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation

All Neonatal Perinatal Medicine (NPM) fellows are offered the opportunity to complete a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) during their fellowship with full funding from the Pediatrics department. The program fosters the development of strong clinical investigation skills based on an academic foundation in study design, conduct of observational studies and randomized trials, clinical epidemiology, and biostatistics. Trainees completing the MSCI Program acquire the necessary skills to successfully design, conduct, and analyze the results of clinical investigations at the individual and population-wide level, as well as the skills to design and analyze the results of studies that provide insights into the molecular pathophysiology of disease.

After completing the core requirement, NPM fellows design their own flexible multidisciplinary curriculum based on their clinical interests with the support of our outstanding Neonatology attendings. The MSCI Program offers two concentration tracks: Population based clinical research and Bench-to -bedside translational research.  Participating faculty come from the disciplines of epidemiology, biostatistics, clinical research, biomedical informatics, molecular medicine, genomics, advanced therapeutics technologies, and drug development. Several Neonatology attendings are also faculty at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), yielding the ability for a mentor to be assigned with experience in research in the specific area of each fellows interest, with other mentors available within the wider Pediatric and GSBS faculty.