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Advanced Practice Practitioners

Advanced practice practitioners (APP)are an essential part of the NICU team at University of Massachusetts. We have an experienced group of 13 Neonatal Nurse Practitioners and Neonatal Physician Assistants who are part of every aspect of neonatal care. In addition to their clinical role, each AAP also has a defined administrative role listed below:


Monique St. Germaine, NNP
Angela Welker, NNP


Jennie Fleming, PA
Keri Sylvestri, NNP

Simulation/Resident Teaching

Caroline McDonald, NNP
Rachel Copertino, NNP
Brett St. Jean, CPNP-PC

APP Program Administration

Michelle Stumm, NNP
Keri Sylvestri, NNP 

Family Follow-up

Meghan Beaulieu, NNP
Caitlin Stavens, NNP