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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Statement

An essential part of preparing the scientists of the future is to not only assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals, but to support them in enacting change in both the scientific and greater global community. We do this in part through leading by example, committing to an inclusive and welcoming lab environment, and fostering a space where everything we do is strengthened by the richness of understanding that comes from a truly diverse and inclusive environment.

We celebrate the individual differences and experiences of each member of our lab community. Our lab’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility helps foster scientific discovery and enriches our lab culture by expanding viewpoints, countering biases, and offering unique approaches and ideas.  We recognize that certain groups have faced disproportionate and systematic oppression and exclusion in STEM research. Silence and inaction are not options - we are intentionally dedicated in our work towards positive restorative change. Knowing that opportunities and barriers to success are different for each individual, our lab is committed to providing each lab member with a welcoming and supportive environment that helps them thrive and achieve their fullest potential.


Our DEIA goals include:

1.     Recruit and retain exceptional and diverse scientists of all levels who reflect our broader community by embracing the full richness of diverse people, perspectives, and experiences, and enabling all members to thrive in a welcoming and inclusive environment

2.     Knowing the anti-racism requires intentional, collective effort, we strive to work with the UMass Chan Medical School community to reduce ethnic and racial disparities and create a safe and welcoming environment for all. We understand that anti-racism is a continual process and not a one-time action, and we choose to use our voices to speak out against injustice.

3.     Empower the members of our community to advocate for themselves and others. We seek to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity, voice, and agency to enact change

4.     Create and sustain a professional, ethical, and respectful work environment by maintaining open communication, actively encouraging DEIA efforts and celebrating successes, and advocating for change in our lab, department, and in the broader UMass Chan Medical School community

5.     Maintain transparency in our communications. We actively work to build a diverse and inclusive lab environment and propose improvements in any areas where there are unmet needs

6. Engage and collaborate with a diverse network of local and global partners to broaden and deepen our social impact