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Diet, Microbiome, and IBD during pregnancy

The early microbiome dictates the development of the nascent immune system, with potential long-term consequences on health outcomes. Infants born to mothers with IBD are at a significantly increased risk of developing the disease. Those infants also harbor a pro-inflammatory microbiome that induces aberrant development of the immune system. Therefore, modulation of the microbiome in early life could be an efficient and effective approach to promote a healthier immune system and potentially reduce IBD risk. Thus, we are:

  • Investigating whether our pregnancy-adapted IBD-AID™ intervention during pregnancy could beneficially shift the microbiome of IBD mothers and their babies, thereby promoting a healthier immune system during a critical time of its development.
  • Creating neonatal probiotics to protect infants from IBD. We posit that by using probiotics to selectively restore the beneficial newborn microbiome, infants will develop a healthy, non-inflamed gut thus reducing the risk of IBD.

 We are currently recruiting expectant mothers with IBD ($900 compensation for participation in the trial). Interested? please visit: