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Lab Members

  • Mayra Rojas-Correa

    Mayra Rojas-Correa, BA

    Research Associate

    Mayra received her B.S. in Biology and Biotechnology Specialization at the National School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico. Mayra is responsible for sample organization, optimizing experimental protocols, performing microbiome sequencing, and executing complementary ‘in vitro’ experiments. 

    "My career as a scientist has been shaped by my strong desire to understand how systems, the world, and the universe work. It is very interesting to me to understand how microbial colonization starts in the gut as an infant and how external factors such as nutrition and habits are related to the increasing number of diseases, syndromes, and functional aberrations. I am currently performing 16S rRNA sequencing to study bacterial phylogeny and taxonomy of the gut. In my spare time, I enjoy reading poetry, and about history, arts, politics, and science. I love to watch movies and documentaries."

  • Camilla Madziar

    Camilla Madziar, RD

    Research Coordinator, Assistant Director Center for Applied Nutrition

    Camilla is a registered dietitian with 6 years of experience in dietetics and an expert on the IBD-AID. Camilla takes a holistic approach to health and sustainable behavior changes. Her interests include inflammatory bowel disease, digestive diseases, cardiovascular health, and weight management.

    "As a RD, I am interested in nutritional epidemiology. Continuing our research with diet and the microbiome will assist in the development of nutritional guidelines for management of inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal disorders. The goal is to understand diet-disease relationships and use diet for chronic disease prevention. Outside of research, I love hiking, kayaking, reading memoirs, yoga, and exploring coastal towns in New England."

  • Melissa Carrubba

    Melissa Carrubba, MSc

    Research Coordinator

    Melissa is a registered dietitian who is passionate about supporting nutrition-related research. She completed her BSc in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Sciences at the University of Vermont and her MSc in Clinical Dietetics at University College Dublin. Her goal is to assist in finding & implementing dietary interventions that can improve the overall quality of life for those living with various conditions, especially in the field of gut health. Melissa is also responsible for the coordination of different studies, sample organization, and data entry.

    "I became involved in nutrition & research because I believed there to be a lot of gaps that needed to be bridged. Whether someone has a serious health condition or is just looking to optimize their health, information backed by concrete research must be out there to support people in their journeys. Outside of nutrition research, I am an avid soccer player, reader, animal caretaker, and of course, food enthusiast."

  • Rene Maserati

    Rene Maserati, MSc

    Nutritional Counselor

    Rene Maserati received her BA in Biochemistry from Smith College, class of 2015.  She did her MSc in Nutrition at UMass Amherst, Class of 2020. Rene has been extensively trained in the IBD-AID™. Rene provides IBD-AID™ counseling to participants of our interventional trials and it’s our guru in social media.

    "My interests are working with people who have IBD and other chronic diseases, to help them incorporate diet and lifestyle changes to alleviate symptoms and to be able to live their best and most healthful lives. My hobbies include drumming in a hardcore/punk band, cooking, baking, and yoga."