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Selected recent publications (may not be current)

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Neuroimaging and image processing: basic methods

Young T, Kumar V, Saranathan M. Normative modeling of thalamic nuclear volumes.  (medrXiv 2024 link, paper in review Nature Communications Biology)

Vidal J, Danet L, Peran P, Pariente J, Cuadra M, Zahr N, Barbeau E, Saranathan M. Robust thalamic nuclei segmentation from T1-MRI data. arXiv:2304.07167 (2023, paper in press)

Saranathan M, Iglehart C, Monti M, Tourdias T, Rutt B. In vivo high-resolution structural MRI-based atlas of human thalamic nuclei. Sci Data. 28;8(1):275 (2021)

Umapathy L, Keerthivasan MB, Zahr NM, Bilgin A, Saranathan M. Convolutional Neural Network Based Frameworks for Fast Automatic Segmentation of Thalamic Nuclei from Native and Synthesized Contrast Structural MRI. Neuroinformatics. (2021)

Datta R, Bacchus MK, Kumar D, Elliott MA, Rao A, Dolui S, Reddy R, Banwell BL, Saranathan M. Fast automatic segmentation of thalamic nuclei from MP2RAGE acquisition at 7 Tesla. Magn Reson Med. 85(5):2781-2790 (2021)

Majdi MS, Keerthivasan MB, Rutt BK, Zahr NM, Rodriguez JJ, Saranathan M. Automated thalamic nuclei segmentation using multi-planar cascaded convolutional neural networks. Magn Reson Imaging. 73:45-54 (2020)

Iglehart C, Monti M, Cain J, Tourdias T, Saranathan M. A systematic comparison of structural, structural connectivity, and functional connectivity-based thalamus parcellation techniques. Brain Struct Funct. 225:1631-1642 (2020)

Su J, Thomas FT, Kasoff WS, Tourdias T, Choi EY, Rutt BK, Saranathan M. Thalamus Optimized Multi-atlas Segmentation (THOMAS): fast, fully automated segmentation of thalamic nuclei from anatomical MRI. NeuroImage; 194:272-282 (2019)

Neuroimaging and image processing: applications

Forno G, Saranathan M, Contador J, Guillen N, Falgas N, Tort-Merino A, Balasa M, Sanchez-Valle R, Hornberger M, Llado A. Thalamic changes in early and late onset Alzheimer's disease. Curr Res in Neurobiology 4, 100084 (2023)

Blyau S, Koubiyr I, Saranathan M, Coupe P, Deloire M et al. Differential vulnerability of thalamic nuclei in multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis. 29:295-300 (2023)

Pfefferbaum A, Sullivan E, Zahr N, Pohl K, Saranathan M. Multi-atlas thalamic nuclei segmentation on standard T1 weighted MRI with application to normal aging. Human Brain Mapping. 44:612-628 (2023)

Bernstein AS, Rapcsak SZ, Hornberger M, Saranathan M; Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. Structural Changes in Thalamic Nuclei Across Prodromal and Clinical Alzheimer's Disease. J Alzheimers Dis. doi: 10.3233/JAD-201583. (2021)

Passiatore R, Antonucci LA, Bierstedt S, Saranathan M, Bertolino A, Suchan B, Pergola G. How recent learning shapes the brain: Memory-dependent functional reconfiguration of brain circuits. Neuroimage. 245:118636 (2021)

Abdallah M, Zahr NM, Saranathan M, Honnorat N, Farrugia N, Pfefferbaum A, Sullivan EV, Chanraud S. Altered Cerebro-Cerebellar Dynamic Functional Connectivity in Alcohol Use Disorder: a Resting-State fMRI Study. Cerebellum. doi: 10.1007/s12311-021-01241-y. (2021)

Honnorat N, Saranathan M, Sullivan EV, Pfefferbaum A, Pohl KM, Zahr NM. Performance ramifications of abnormal functional connectivity of ventral posterior lateral thalamus with cerebellum in abstinent individuals with Alcohol Use Disorder. Drug Alcohol Depend. 220:108509 (2021)

Su JH, Choi EY, Tourdias T, Saranathan M, Halpern CH, Henderson JM, Pauly KB, Ghanouni P, Rutt BK. Improved Vim targeting for focused ultrasound ablation treatment of essential tremor:A probabilistic and patient-specific approach. Hum Brain Mapp. 17:4769-4788 (2020)

Planche V, Su JH, Mournet S, Saranathan M, Dousset V, Han M, Rutt BK, Tourdias T. White matter-nulled MPRAGE at 7T reveals thalamic lesions and atrophy of specific thalamic nuclei in multiple sclerosis. Mult Scler. 26:987-992 (2020)

Dynamic imaging

Pandey A, Yoruk U, Keerthivasan M, Galons JP, Sharma P, Johnson K, Martin DR, Altbach MI, Bilgin A, Saranathan M. Multiresolution imaging using golden angle stack-of-stars and compressed sensing for dynamic MR urography. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2017 doi: 10.1002/jmri.25576.

Levine E, Daniel B, Vasanawala S, Hargreaves B, Saranathan M. 3D Cartesian MRI with compressed sensing and variable view sharing using complementary poisson-disc sampling. Magn Reson Med 2016. doi: 10.1002/mrm.26254. 

Hope TA, Petkovska I, Saranathan M, Hargreaves BA, Vasanawala SS. Combined parenchymal and vascular imaging: High spatiotemporal resolution arterial evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma. J Magn Reson Imaging. 43:859-865 (2015)

Yoruk U, Saranathan M, Loening AM, Hargreaves BA, Vasanawala SS. High temporal resolution dynamic MRI and arterial input function for assessment of GFR in pediatric subjects. Magn Reson Med. 75:1301-1311 (2016)

Fast T2 imaging

Keerthivasan MB, Altbach MI, Bilgin A and Saranathan M. Clinical utility of a novel ultrafast T2 Weighted sequence for Spine Imaging (Proc ISMRM 2017)

Loening AM, Litwiller DV, Saranathan M, Vasanawala SS. Increased Speed and Image Quality for Pelvic Single-Shot Fast Spin-Echo Imaging with Variable Refocusing Flip Angles and Full-Fourier Acquisition.. Radiology.; 282(2):561-568. (2017)

Loening AM, Saranathan M, Ruangwattanapaisarn N, Litwiller DV, Shimakawa A, Vasanawala SS. Increased speed and image quality in single-shot fast spin echo imaging via variable refocusing flip angles. J Magn Reson Imaging. 42:1747-58 (2015)

Ruangwattanapaisarn N, Loening AM, Saranathan M, Litwiller DV, Vasanawala SS. Faster pediatric 3-T abdominal magnetic resonance imaging: comparison between conventional and variable refocusing flip-angle single-shot fast spin-echo sequences. Pediatr Radiol. 45:847-54. (2015)