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I currently supervise two doctoral students, one at UMass Chan and one at University of Arizona, Tucson. I am looking for graduate students and post doctoral fellows interested in neuroimaging/image processing starting Summer of 2024. Ideal candidates will have some background in data processing with basic familiarity of one programming language (ideally python) and interest in neuroimaging and fMRI. 

Principal Investigator

Manoj Saranathan, PhD, Professor UMass Chan Medical School
Manoj Saranathan, PhD

Manoj Saranathan, PhD
Professor, Departments of Radiology (UMass Chan School of Medicine)
Neuroscience (Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)
Co-director Image Processing and Analysis core
Director Advanced MRI Center core
Adjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering, UMass Amherst​

I am an MR physicist with over twenty-five years of experience in MR physics, pulse sequence development, image reconstruction, and image processing spanning industry (GE) and academia (Stanford, Mayo, UA). I work closely with radiologists developing and testing novel applications in body, breast, and neuro MRI. My current research interests are focused on ultra high-resolution imaging and segmentation of deep brain structures like thalamic nuclei and claustrum and the specificity of their involvement in pathology such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, psychoses, and frontotemporal dementia. These are also targets for deep brain stimulation for treatment of movement disorders, epilepsy, TBI and more. Another area is high spatio-temporal resolution dynamic contrast enhanced MRI for quantification of physiologic function and cancer. Specifically, I am working on improving the specificity of breast MRI whilst reducing contrast dose and scan time. One of my methods, DISCO, is now a product available on all GE MRI scanners for prostate and breast imaging.

Current Students

Arit Banerjee
Arit Banerjee (UMass Amherst, BME PhD candidate)
Debottama Das
Debottama Das (Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, ECE PhD candidate)
Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen (UMass Chan, rotating 4th year medical student)

Not pictured:

  • Abhinav Barat (UMass Amherst, rotating BME undergrad student)

Current Collaborators

  • Taylor Young, MD, MA (UMass Chan, Psychiatry)
  • Chris Hemond, MD (UMass Chan, Neurology)
  • Behroze Vachha, MD, PhD (UMass Chan, Radiology)
  • Charles Guttmann (Brigham & Women's, Radiology)
  • Brian Rutt (Stanford, Radiology)
  • Nikko Schiff (Weill Cornell, Neurology)
  • Thomas Tourdias (U. Bordeaux, Radiology/Neurology)
  • Vinod Kumar (Max Planck Tuebingen)
  • Ali Bilgin (U. Arizona, ECE)
  • Joyita Dutta (UMass Amherst, BME)
  • Dolf Pfefferbaum (SRI, Menlo Park, Psychiatry)
  • Edith Sullivan (SRI, Menlo Park, Psychiatry)

Past students (*co-supervised)

  • Adam Bernstein (postdoc)- Paediatrics residency, Phoenix Children's Hospital
  • *Mahesh Keerthivasan (PhD)- MRI scientist, Siemens Healthineers
  • Artin Majdi (MS)- Data science institute, UA Tucson
  • *Abhishek Pandey (MS)- Principal research scientist, AbbVie
  • Francis Tyson Thomas (MS)- Startup in Oregon
  • Evan Levine (PhD)- Principal software engineer, Microsoft
  • Umit Yoruk (PhD)- Software engineer, Google
  • Brady Quist (PhD)- Software engineer, Apple
  • Neelam Sinha (PhD)- Associate Professor, IIIT, Bangalore
  • Naveen Bajaj (MS)- MRI scientist, Philips Research, Bangalore