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The Workshop

The secret to the Innovations Lab is that it is not an engine for solutions for any single group – it is as relevant to medical students and clinicians as it is to high school interns and of the general public. In order to achieve this, we need a meeting space - a playroom if you like, that sets aside peoples traditional ideas and preconceived notions and allows them to brainstorm and creatively problem solve. We call this space ‘The Workshop’ - it’s a home for out-of-the-box thinking but also ‘doing’ - by having the might of the Innovations Lab and iCels behind it, ideas formulated in the workshop are driven forward from planning to execution than on further to evaluation, improvement and where possible publication.

Our vision for The Workshop is a highly adaptable environment painted in bright colors to inspire creative thinking and to break the mold of “just another meeting room”. All of the tables and chairs are on wheels to allow rearrangement of the physical dynamic at any time. A semicircle around the whiteboard wall will always be more productive. Even the architecture of the proposed room AS3.2064 Inspires you to think differently with its crossbeams reaching up to the sky. Around the edges of this room will be a museum of our successes; a museum in the origin of the word, a muse to the mind - inspiring new ideas. Technology is represented as well, with a projector on one wall and a large screen TV on the opposite wall for higher resolution images. The workshop will be the center of the Innovations Lab, a place where you come to test out new ideas and creatively solve problems.