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Our Osteopathic Curriculum

We offer monthly hands-on osteopathic didactics and regular clinic sessions for osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) with DO preceptors to hone our skills and learn new techniques. Osteopathic Manipulation is used daily in the clinic. Residents are trained to actively apply osteopathic principles to patient care and appropriately utilize OMT.

Our goal is to help residents develop their osteopathic skills and be comfortable and proficient addressing all areas of family medicine.   Integrating osteopathy into family medicine has been a part of Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency since (year we started dual program). We have Osteopathic Recognition. DO residents are trained to actively integrate Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and treatment with their patients through dedicated monthly OMM didactics and regular DO supervision in clinic.  There are opportunities to attend osteopathic CME courses for further development.

MD residents have the opportunity to learn osteopathy and are encouraged to develop their palpatory and diagnostic skills through monthly osteopathic didactics. MD residents interested to be able to use OMT regularly are required to take a preparatory course prior to joining in the DO didactics (OMM for MDs).