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Horae Gene Therapy Center & Advanced Therapeutics Cluster

The Advanced Therapeutics Cluster (ATC) represents a long term vision at UMass Chan Medical School that encourages novel research to develop new biological therapies for diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes; from infectious to neurodegenerative diseases. Its mission is to apply knowledge flowing from the latest biomedical discoveries, develop new ways to treat diseases, and drive those therapies into clinical trials.

Under the umbrella of the ATC, UMass Chan Medical School formed the Gene Therapy Center (GTC) emphasizing the promise that lies within the application of the recombinant adeno-associated virus; RNA Therapeutics Institute (RTI) featuring novel strategies for using the RNAi mechanism to silence the action of individual genes, Neurotherapeutics Institute (NTI) and the Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine seeking to unlock the enormous promise to elucidate disease mechanisms inherent in humans. 

As the leadership of ATC support investigators in their bench top work, they anticipate a future where translational benefits through clinical trials will become well established bedside therapies. Shepherding these therapies into medical practice will be accomplished through well established university programs like: Massachusetts Biological Laboratories, ForHealth Consulting, and The Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center. 

Additionally, the University of  Massachusetts conducts clinical trial on site (http://umassmed.edu/gtc/clinical-trials/clincal-tiral-at-umass/) and some of these trials are conducted by the investigators at our Gene Therapy center.

Our Gene Therapy Center is always interested in possible partnerships

Below we highlight some possible partnerhsip opportunities and we encourage you to contact us via the button at the bottom of the page to get the discussion started.

Knowledge exchange/consulting

Collaborations with academia and/or industry

Reagent exchange 

Sponsored research



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