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Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

The UMass Division of Medical Toxicology, the largest of its kind in New England, consists of a large team of physician scientists and up to six toxicology fellows. As trailblazers in our field, we are committed to improving the future of toxicology through progressive research, clinical practice, and education. Our team aims to keep its work fresh and cutting-edge, while providing patients with the best, most compassionate care possible.

Faculty & Fellows

Our Faculty

  • Kavita Babu

    Kavita Babu, MD

    Division Chief/Fellowship Director

    Kavita M. Babu, MD is the Chief of the Division of Medical Toxicology and a Professor of Emergency Medicine. Her research interests include educational and research strategies for opioid safety and overdose prevention, compassionate care for patients with addiction, and advanced surveillance of emerging drugs of abuse.

  • Jeffrey Lai

    Jeffrey Lai, MD

    Associate Fellowship Director

    Jeffrey Lai, MD, is an emergency physician and medical toxicologist. He is the associate director of the medical toxicology fellowship, director of the outpatient toxicology clinic, and the clerkship director for the Introduction to Medical Toxicology elective. His academic interests include medical education and the application of novel technologies to the treatment of substance use disorder.

  • Steven Bird

    Steven Bird, MD

    Chief Experience Officer

    Steve Bird, MD, is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at the UMass Chan Medical School, Department of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Bird served as the residency program director for nearly 9 years, and is a Past President of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM). He has twice won the residency’s Teacher.

  • Richard Church

    Richard Church, MD

    Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director

    Richard Church, MD, is Assistant Program Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency, a Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, and a staff toxicologist. His research interests include emerging trends in drugs of abuse.
    Dr. Church is an exemplar educator, able to distill complex biochemical pathways in medical toxicology for students, residents, fellows, and senior faculty.

  • Jennifer Carey

    Jennifer Carey, MD

    Division Chief, Education

    Jennifer Carey, MD is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and a medical toxicologist. She is also the Co-Director of Integrated Case Exercises (ICE), a case-based course that runs through the first two years of UMass Chan Medical School that aims to integrate threads of knowledge from various parts of the medical student curriculum into interactive case sessions.

  • Stephanie Carreiro

    Stephanie Carreiro, MD

    Director, Toxinnovation Lab

    Stephanie Carreiro, MD, is an emergency medicine physician and medical toxicologist. Her current research interests include the utilization of of mobile biosensors and microRNA to evaluate drug toxicity, substance abuse, and addiction. After completing her fellowship, she joined the Division as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine.

  • Evan Bradley

    Evan Bradley, MD, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

    Evan Bradley MD, PhD, is an emergency medicine physician and faculty member in Medical Toxicology. His PhD research focused on basic mechanisms of gene regulation in bacterial pathogens.

  • Al Conicella

    Al Conicella, MD

    Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

    Albert Conicella, MD is an emergency physician and medical toxicologist. He currently reviews sedations for the Department of Emergency Medicine, serves on the hospital sedation committee, and is the course director of the preclinical Introduction to Toxicology course. His areas of interest include the treatment of opioid abuse and addiction, cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, expanding the telehealth presence of our division, and improving ED flow.

Our Coordinator

  • Jean Baril

    Jean Baril

    Emergency Medicine Fellowship Coordinator

    Jean is the Emergency Medicine Fellowship Coordinator. She joined our team in 2020 after a long-standing role as Administrator at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society.

Our Fellows

  • Eric Kaczor

    Eric Kaczor, MD

    Eric Kaczor, MD, is an emergency medicine physician and medical toxicology fellow. As a resident he worked on the application of biosensors and machine learning as a means to develop a predictive module for the real time detection physician stress, which was accepted for publication and presented at the 2020 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

  • Marc Rigatti

    Marc Rigatti, MD, PhD

    Marc Rigatti MD/PhD is an emergency physician and medical toxicology fellow. He is a former chief resident of the UConn Emergency Medicine residency program. He has a diverse background with expertise in biochemistry, biophysics, and computational modeling.

  • Powell Graham

    Powell Graham, MD

    Dr. Graham is an emergency medicine physician, and medical toxicology fellow. He previously served as chief resident UMass and was a residency representative for MACEP. He has published on multiple topics including ultrasound and prostate cancer. His current research interests lie in cannabinoids, particularly pediatric exposures.