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Our Division

The UMass Division of Medical Toxicology is the largest of its kind in New England. As trailblazers in our field, we are committed to improving the future of toxicology through progressive research, clinical practice, and education. Our team aims to keep its work fresh and cutting-edge, while providing patients with the best, most compassionate care possible.

Overdose Prevention Fund logoResearch is at the core of the UMass Division of Medical Toxicology’s mission. We house an NIH-funded research program focusing on the interface of emerging technology and drug use. From ingestible smart pills that monitor opioid use after injury to wearable biosensors that can identify real-time physiologic responses to cocaine, our group continues pioneering work geared at untangling one of biggest public health challenges of our time: drug abuse. Our research has also inspired the launch of the University of Massachusetts Overdose Prevention Fund, which supports innovative projects that aim to eliminate drug overdose.

Clinical care at the UMass Division of Medical Toxicology is unique in that the medical team follows patients throughout treatment — from the acute care setting, to the hospital wards and intensive care units, to the outpatient clinic. Our collaboration with other departments enhances care quality and coordination each step of the way.

Simultaneously, residents and fellows gain a superlative education through comprehensive clinical training, paired with the dedicated mentorship and opportunities to explore distinct avenues and interests in research. Our faculty has been recognized with multiple teaching awards, and is singularly committed to cultivating fellows, residents, and medical students.

In these ways, the UMass Division of Medical Toxicology realizes its vision to advance the field of toxicology through research, innovation, care, and scholarship.