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Endowed scholarships established in fiscal year 2020

An endowed scholarship offers donors a wonderful opportunity to invest in the life of medical student and the people that student will one day serve. The following endowed scholarships were established in our 2020 fiscal year.

Drs. Jeremi M. Carswell and Brett M. Carswell, Class of 2000, Scholarship

Drs. Lucy Y. Chie and Justin J. Campbell, Class of 2000, Scholarship

Class of 1975 Susan H. Hou, MD, Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund

David B. FitzGerald MD, Class of 2000 and Family Fund for International Education

John and Dr. Susan Lynch, '86, Family Scholarship

Christine and Andrew Miller, MD'79, Scholarship Fund

Paul Vernaglia, Jr., MD’78, Memorial Scholarship

Here's why scholarships at UMass Chan Medical School matter