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Reliance on CIRB for National Cancer Institute (NCI) Studies

Reliance on National Cancer Institute, Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB)

This guidance reviews the process for use of CIRB for IRB review and oversight of research involving University of Massachusetts-Worcester (UMass) investigators. UMass maintains an Agreement with the CIRB which sets forth understandings, authority, and responsibilities of both institutions.

The University of Massachusetts-Worcester, in an effort to create a framework that will facilitate the review of cooperative group cancer studies, has entered into an agreement with CIRB whereby UMass may rely upon CIRB for IRB review and approval.  

In order for the UMass IRB to be able to extend this agreement to include a specific research study, all of the following conditions must apply: 

The research is a Phase III Cooperative Group Trial.

A waiver (partial or full) of HIPAA Research Authorization is not required.

If a subject becomes incarcerated, s/he will not remain on the study. 

If the study does not meet all of the conditions above, and you wish to rely on CIRB, contact the UMass IRB before preparing the submission to CIRB. 

Although UMass may rely upon CIRB for review of certain research projects, the Institution is still responsible for the conduct of that research.  Therefore, while not responsible for IRB approval of CIRB-submitted studies, the UMass IRB must be aware of and approve of the submission being sent to CIRB through an administrative pre-review.  CIRB will not review any UMass study prior to UMass administrative pre-review.

For detailed instructions on how to submit, see the following document:

Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB) Submission Instructions