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Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

**NOTE: The UMMS SOPS, Checklists & Worksheets are in the process of being updated due to the revised Common Rule. Stay tuned!

Guidance and instructions regarding the policies and procedures related to conduct of human subjects research that are specific to this Institution are contained within the Investigator’s Manual. It is important that all Investigators and professional staff read this manual thoroughly and make sure that study personnel are familiar with it. This manual describes procedures ranging from how to submit research to the IRB to the Principal Investigator’s responsibilities following IRB approval. It references the policies and procedures on this page and the Investigator Guidance page. Additional help is always available at the IRB office by calling (508) 856-4261 or e-mailing


Standard Operating Procedures

Checklists and Worksheets

These documents provide support regarding determinations that the IRB must make before a project may be approved. These documents may be used as additional guidance in preparing your submission to the IRB. Not all checklists/worksheets apply to all research. You may use, as a guide, those which are applicable to your research. Additional help is always available at the IRB office by calling (508) 856-4261 or e-mailing

Please Note: The following Checklists and Worksheets are form fillable, and are compatible with the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader. Should you experience trouble opening a PDF in your internet browser, please download the document (we recommend saving it to your desktop), and try opening it with Adobe Reader from the saved location on your computer. Should you experience further difficulty, please contact the IRB office for assistance.