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Research Opportunities

Fellows may choose between our standard and research tracks, both of which offer opportunities to engage in mentored research. 

Standard track 

  • Fellows in the standard three-year track may choose to spend as many of their elective months as they desire engaged in mentored research.
  • Dr. Chen, associate program director, meets with each first-year fellow to guide them toward an appropriate mentor. You may learn more about potential mentors here: Our researchers.
  • Each fellow is expected to conduct an original research project.  
  • Financial support is provided for publication fees and travel expenses to national meetings. 

Research track 

  • The research track is a four-year program. Fellows who match into the research track begin with two years of core clinical training, followed by two years of research training. Fellows continue their ambulatory clinic involvement during their research years.
  • Typical research track fellows have a strong commitment to research and are anticipating a career as a physician investigator.
  • The research track utilizes the NIH-funded T32 training mechanism to support research under the mentorship of an NIH-funded investigator. According to NIH policy, any fellow receiving NIH funding must be a citizen, a noncitizen national or a permanent resident of the U.S.
  • To see profiles of some current and former research track fellows, see: Research track profiles.
  • You may learn more about our faculty members’ research interests here: Our researchers. 

The Match 

  • Applicants may choose to rank the standard track, the research track or both tracks during the Match.  
    - NRMP number for the standard track: 3050141F0
    - NRMP number for the research track: 3050141F1
  • For the 2023 Match, we are planning to match one fellow into the research track and five fellows into the standard track.