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Lab Members

Bucci Lab – 2023

Tasia Kellogg, Abigail Zeamer, Shakti Bhattarai, Benedikt Mortzfeld, Cyrus Alexander, Vanni Bucci, Ziyuan Huang

Lab Members

I am an engineer by training with a background in machine learning, mathematical modeling and synthetic microbiology. I am very much interested in problems of computational systems biology and microbial ecology involving genomics and metagenomics. I want to understand mechanisms responsible for the temporal and spatial dynamics of complex biological systems and develop tools to predict and engineer them. I like to row or play electric guitar in my spare time and I am fond of ancient roman and greek history and literature.

Associate Professor
Associate Editor
Guest Editor at

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Gut Microbes   mSystems  Microbial Cell
I am interested in exploring associations/mechanisms involved in host-microbiome interactions during infection (Tuberculosis, C. diff etc.) by  leveraging cross-sectional and longitudinal multi-model datasets. I program in R for data exploration and visualization.
In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar.
Shakti K. Bhattarai
Senior Bioinformatician
Google Scholar
I am interested in how bacterial antimicrobial peptides affect the ecological dynamics in the gut environment and how we can use that knowledge to engineer probiotic bacteria to target clinically relevant human pathogens.
In my spare time I like to explore new places on hikes and during traveling or enjoy a BBQ at hGutome.
Benedikt M. Mortzfeld
Associate Editor
Guest Editor
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Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins
JoVE   Gut Microbes
I am a Postdoctoral Associate interesed in exploring a combination of synthetic microbiology as well as targeted microbiome therapy to improve the host immune response and health outcomes for various human pathogens and colitis. 
In my spare time I like playing badminton, traveling, photography, and listening to music.
Pharvendra Kumar

Postdoctoral Associate

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I am currently a PhD student exploring the interface between intestinal microbes and the innate immune system, and their subsequent role during disease states, like C. diff infections.
When I am not in the lab, I enjoy hiking and backpacking with my dogs, rock climbing, and horseback riding.
Tasia D. Kellogg 
Biomedical Sciences Student
ResearchGate    ORCiD
I am a graduate student primarily interested in using computational approaches to probe the relationship between the microbiome and neurodegenerative diseases.
When not in the lab or at my desk, I enjoy rowing, rock climbing, hiking, and spending time with my cat and rabbit.
Abigail L. Zeamer
Biomedical Sciences Student
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Lab Affiliates

I am a data scientist and SQL Server developer with expertise in the healthcare and financial sectors. I specialize in utilizing Python, R, and SQL for various tasks including deep learning, data exploration, data visualization, data management, and ETL. I am highly enthusiastic and eager to explore collaborative opportunities at the intersection of deep learning and healthcare. 
Outside of work, I indulge in my passion for traveling and biking.

Ziyuan Huang
Postdoctoral Associate
(Bucci & Haran Labs)

I am a part time PhD student and full-time employee in the biotechnology industry, specializing in cell and gene therapy. I am interested in the application of gene editing technologies in the study and treatment of diseases.
When I have free time, I enjoy long distance running, hiking, golf, and spending time with my dog.

Katherine E. Galindo
Graduate Student UMassD




Henry Parker Summer intern (Undergraduate student at UCSB) 2023
V. Suhas Maringanti PhD Engineering and Applied Sciences UMassD 2023
Haley Dupre Undergraduate Researcher UMassD 2021
Armani Tayeh MS Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology 2020
Jacob Palmer PhD Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology 2019
Matthew Simmons PhD Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology 2019
Emma Piattelli Visiting Scholar 2018
Tyler Rommel Undergraduate Researcher UMassD 2018
Lindsey Ly Undergraduate Researcher UMassD 2016
Victoria Quennessen Undergraduate Researcher UMassD 2016
Sarah Parker Undergraduate Researcher UMassD 2016
Colin Lazzara Undergraduate Researcher UMassD 2016

Earlier Years


2021.pngTasia Kellogg, Vanni Bucci, Abigail Zeamer, Shakti Bhattarai, Benedikt Mortzfeld

2020 Maringanti, Benedikt Mortzfeld, Armani Tayeh, Shakti Bhattarai, Vanni Bucci, Tasia Kellogg

2019 Bhattarai, Haley Dupre, Vanni Bucci, Jacob Palmer, Benedikt Mortzfeld, Pratibha Harrison