Sean Ryder’s hair-razing campaign supports Jill Zitzewitz as she faces multiple myeloma

Overwhelming support from UMMS community helps Dr. Zitzewitz through treatment

By: Megan Bard / UMass Medical School Communications

Dr. Ryder and Dr. Zitzewitz

The Beard, as it’s lovingly referred to by its owner, Sean P. Ryder, PhD, has been a work in progress for more than 18 months. It’s a tribute to the vibrant man Dr. Ryder called ‘Dad.’  Alas, it’s time to bid The Beard adieu.
On July 1, Ryder, professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology, will be clean shaven for the first time since 1993. He’s doing it to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation in a show of solidarity for a respected and beloved colleague, Jill A. Zitzewitz, PhD, who now has the same disease that took Ryder’s father’s: multiple myeloma...Read More..

To support myeloma research and Ryder’s tribute to his father and colleague donate here

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