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Supportive Ecosystem

Our department currently has more than 30 labs with over 200 postdoctoral fellows, research associates, graduate students and staff. Our faculty is constantly collaborating with other departments and research centers to advance our scientific knowledge. Companion programs in Chemical BiologyRNA Therapeutics, and Gene Therapy portend new opportunities in translational research for our faculty and students.

The faculty in our department have wide ranging collaborations both within the university and without the broader research community including those in academia and industry.  Our faculty have also played an important role in fostering the next generation of biopharmaceutical companies.  Companies founded by our faculty included Voyager Therapeutics, Padlock Therapeutics, and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

Career Outcomes

Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology graduate students often go on to do postdoctoral research upon completing the graduate program.  Students and postdoctoral researchers generally pursue careers in academic, industry, and government research, and in fields from high school science education to intellectual property law. 

We believe that great scientific discoveries happen when people collaborate.

Let's have the next big breakthrough together!


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