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Secondary Faculty

Jennifer, Benanti, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology

Daryl A. Bosco, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Neurology 
Elucidating the factors involved in sporadic ALS 

Michael P. Czech, PhD. Professor and Director, Program in Molecular Medicine
RNAi-based therapeutic strategies for inflammatory and metabolic diseases.

Roger J. Davis, Ph.D. Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator - Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine
Mechanisms by which growth factors regulate cellular proliferation.

Job Dekker, Ph.D. Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology and Program in Gene Function and Expression

Mark Dershwitz, MD, Ph.D. Professor, Anesthesiology 
Clinical pharmacology of intravenous anesthetics and antiemetics.

Thomas Fazzio, Ph.D. - Professor, Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology

Cynthia Fuhrmann, Ph.D.- Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology and Assistant Dean Career & Professional Development

Michael R. Green, MD, Ph.D., Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator - Professor and Director, Program in Gene Function and Expression
Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Cancer Molecular Biology.

Niko Grigorieff, Ph.D. - Professor, RNA Therapeutics Institute

David Grünwald, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Single molecule imaging of cell nuclear processes and nucleocytoplasmic transport in living cells.

Lawrence J. Hayward, MD, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Neurology
Motor Neuron Disease Mechanisms.

Yicktung Tony Ip, Ph.D., Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine

Paul Kaufman, Ph.D., Professor, Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology

Andrei Korostelev, Ph.D.  - Assistant Professor, RNA Therapeutics Institute
Structure and function of the ribosome.

Omanand Koul, Ph.D. - Research Associate Professor, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center for Mental Retardation

David G. Lambright, Ph.D. Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine
Structural and molecular mechanisms of cell signaling and membrane trafficking.

Jose R. Lemos, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Microbiology & Physiological Systems.

Shan Lu, MD, Ph.D., Professor, Medicine

Jeremy Luban, Ph.D. - Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine
HIV Replication, Pathogenesis, and Immunity.

Zdenka Matijasevic, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Cell Biology
Role of MdmX in Cell Transformation and Tumorigenesis.

Haley Melikian, Ph.D.  - Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Cocaine and antidepressant-sensitive monoamine transporters.

Amir Mitchell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Systems Biology

James Munro, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Microbiology and Physiological Systems

Melissa J. Moore, Ph.D., Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, Co- Director RNA and Neuro Therapeutics Institutes)
Pre-mRNA splicing and its connections to intracellular mRNA localization, translation, and degradation. (RTI) This link goes to an external web site

Craig L. Peterson, Ph.D. - Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine
How chromosome structure influences nuclear processes.

Kuang Shen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Molecular Medicine

Joshua Jay Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Microbiology & Physiological Systems

Jie Song, Ph.D., Professor, Orthopedics

Lawrence J. Stern, Ph.D. - Professor, Pathology
Molecular recognition in the immune system.

Jonathan K. Watts, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, RNA Therapeutics Institute 
Chemical biology and therapeutic development of oligonucleotides

Scot Wolfe, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Program in Gene Function and Expression
Creating artificial DNA-binding domains for targeted gene regulation and gene modification.

Phillip D. Zamore, Ph.D., Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, Co-Director RNA Therapeutics Institute)
Control of mRNA stability and translation in development; molecular mechanisms of RNAi (post-transcriptional gene silencing). RTI This link goes to an external web site

Guocai Zhong, Ph.D., Associate Professor, RNA Therapeutics Institute

Jill A Zitzewitz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Radiology