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January 2024 BMBeat

January 2024 Monthly Newsletter


From the Outreach Office

Happy New Year!!! We’re taking this time to think about our goals for 2024 and beyond – please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see from the Outreach Office this year.

PS. January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month – check out the Free Events below to sign up for prevention training.


New Hires


Helena Braunstein

New role: Doctoral student doing a 3 month visit at Dr. Pryciak's lab

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Education: Third year Bio Science doctoral student in the University of Buenos Aires

Interests: reading (specially science fiction and fantasy), board games, computer games.


FREE events In & Around Worcester


From UMass Chan

Evidence-Based Presentation Design

January 23 | 12:00-1:00pm

There are a lot of "rules" out there about how to design high-quality presentations. It turns out that we should ignore most of them! This session will cover theories from the education and cognitive psychology literature that should guide us instead. Participants will view examples relevant to the biomedical sciences and leave with practical tips for their own future presentations.



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Feature of the Month

Let’s take this opportunity to again celebrate the department members we featured in 2023. Here are all the links from last year’s features!

Todi Kerxhalli

Haley Barlow

Sean Ryder

Mythili Subbanna

The Thyme Lab

Webb Camille

Hila Schaal

Tony Carruthers

Arooma Maryam

Oliver Rando


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