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“ViaFoundry: Simplifying Bioinformatics with Reproducible Analytics”

ViaFoundry: Revolutionizing Bioinformatics with Infinite Process Reusability. Our platform enhances scientific discovery by enabling full control over multi-omics analysis, where every process becomes a building block for future projects. Benefit from a community-shared library of processes, dramatically reducing repetitive coding tasks and continuously expanding the research capabilities.


  1.   Streamlined Bioinformatics Workflows: ViaFoundry simplifies the creation, execution, and management of bioinformatics pipelines. It automates the assembly of Nextflow pipelines, allowing researchers to focus on their scientific questions rather than intricate pipeline design. Whether you’re analyzing genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, or other omics data, ViaFoundry streamlines the entire process.
  2.   Reproducibility and Provenance: ViaFoundry ensures that your analyses are reproducible. It automatically tracks versions, parameters, and dependencies, maintaining a clear record of your analytical journey. This provenance tracking is crucial for scientific rigor, collaboration, and auditability.
  3.   Integrated Analytics: ViaFoundry seamlessly integrates with Foundry Analytics, a suite of tools for data exploration and visualization. Foundry Analytics empowers users with both point-and-click and code-based analysis options. Whether you’re a biologist exploring complex datasets or a bioinformatician fine-tuning algorithms, Foundry Analytics provides the necessary tools to extract meaningful insights.
  4.   Multi-omics Capabilities: ViaFoundry supports multi-omics investigations. It allows you to combine data from various sources (genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, etc.) to gain a holistic view of biological processes. By unifying diverse omics data, ViaFoundry enables comprehensive analyses and discoveries.
  5.   Flexible Deployment: ViaFoundry can be utilized across different environments, including Umass Chan High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, cloud services, and local workstations. This flexibility ensures that researchers can access and utilize the platform wherever they work.

In summary, ViaFoundry accelerates scientific discovery by providing an intuitive interface, maintaining reproducibility, and offering powerful analytics—all while supporting multi-omics research.