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Biogenesis and function of tRNA fragments during sperm maturation and fertilization in mammals
U Sharma, CC Conine, JM Shea, A Boskovic, AG Derr, XY Bing, ...
Science, aad6780

Genetic and epigenetic variation, but not diet, shape the sperm methylome
JM Shea, RW Serra, BR Carone, HP Shulha, A Kucukural, MJ Ziller, ...
Developmental cell 35 (6), 750-758

Novel Observations from Next Generation RNA Sequencing of Highly Purified Human Adult and Fetal Islet Cell Subsets
DM Blodgett, A Nowosielska, S Afik, S Pechhold, AJ Cura, NJ Kennedy, ...
Diabetes, db150039

Simultaneous generation of many RNA-seq libraries in a single reaction
AA Shishkin, G Giannoukos, A Kucukural, D Ciulla, M Busby, C Surka, ...
Nature methods

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