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Foundry | Training | Support

The Bioinformatics Core facility created Foundry, a software platform to support analyses of high throughput data. Foundry supports the full research cycle by allowing clients to track samples from sample collection to data processing (sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics) and finally to interactive analysis using an intuitive web interface. Foundry is built to ensure secure access to the processed data using 3rd party applications for tailor-made analysis and data sharing. Foundry platform has been licensed to Via Scientific who maintains, provides support for and further develops the platform and pipelines within.

In addition to granting access to Foundry and its routine data analysis pipelines, the core facility provides hands-on training in data analysis and Foundry usage. For details, please see our training page here.

The core will facilitate the development of new functionality (e.g. new pipelines or modifications) and/or end-to-end data analysis by Via Scientific when needed. Please see our fees page for details here.