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Student Complaint Procedures

Students in the Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing may file a complaint if they are dissatisfied with an individual, service, policy, procedure, action, or lack of action.  Students begin with an informal complaint which is a verbal complaint expressed by a student to the particular faculty member or individual involved.  A verbal complaint is always considered an informal complaint.  Students are strongly encouraged to attempt to resolve the complaint on an informal basis by meeting with the individual involved in the complaint (course instructor, faculty, director, etc.).  Many problems can be resolved by having an open discussion.  

If the complaint is unresolved after a meeting between the parties, the student may file a formal complaint.  Formal complaints are typed via email or sent as a hard copy letter to the faculty member.  The first line of the letter or subject line of the email should indicate that this is a formal complaint.  In the letter or email, the student shall include: 1) complainant’s name, email address, phone number; 2) a detailed description of the specific actions/events of the complaint including but not limited to the names of those involved, relevant date(s), any witnesses, and/or relevant documents; 3) attempts made to resolve the complaint informally; and 4) constructive suggestions to correct the situation.   

If satisfaction is not reached, the student may then file a formal complaint with the program director.  The student and the involved faculty member will meet with the program director to attempt to resolve the complaint. If satisfaction is not reached, the student may then file a formal complaint with the associate dean of academic affairs.  If the complaint is not resolved and satisfaction not reached after exhausting the steps listed above, the student may file student grievance.