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Student Body

In fall 2020, 266 students were enrolled in the Graduate School of Nursing (GSN).  The breakdown is as follows: 130 students in the GEP to DNP program; 42 students in the BSN to DNP program; 14 students in the Post-Masters to DNP program; and 2 students in the Pre-Graduate Option (PGO) to DNP program.  There are likewise 17 students in the Post-Graduate Certificate (PGC) program; 9 students in the MS (AGRN) program; and 29 students in the PhD program.  Finally, there are 23 non-matriculated students.

Of the 266 students enrolled in the GSN, 85% were female (n=225) and 15% were male (n=41).  In terms of ethnicity, the majority of students were white (67%), with 10% of students being Black or African American, 12% being Asian, and 8% being Hispanic/Latino.