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Student Promotion

Students’ academic records are monitored by two Academic Evaluation Boards; a Basic Sciences Academic Evaluation Board (BSAEB) and a Clinical Sciences Academic Evaluation Board (CSAEB). Each Board includes the coordinators for each course as well as ex-officio members. It is each Board’s responsibility to periodically review student academic records, and to make recommendations to the Progress Board regarding student academic advancement, remediation or dismissal for failure to progress academically and/or for repeated lapses in professionalism or other behavior that has resulted in the filing of an Honor Code Violation.

Promotion from the FOM1 to the FOM2, and from FOM2 to the Core Clinical Experiences—for class entering 2022 or later, promotion from Discovery Phase to Exploration Phase—is determined by the Basic Science Academic Evaluation Board (BSAEB). Advancement within the CCE and AS years and recommendation for graduation are the province of the Clinical Science Academic Evaluation Board (CSAEB).

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