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Grading and Assessments

Performance ratings in courses and clerkships are based on results of major and minor written or oral assessments, papers or other written assignments, attendance and participation, standardized patient interactions and similar assessments as outlined by the course leaders.  Formative assessment is provided to help students and faculty gauge progress and identify areas for focused academic attention.  Narrative evaluations are offered for appropriate courses, clerkships and skills.  Core clerkships, sub-internships, clinical electives and the Emergency Clinical Problem-Solver (ECPS) course are graded in a scaled fashion (fail, below expected, expected, above expected, outstanding).  Foundational courses and all other courses are all graded credit-no credit.  This information is helpful in assisting the Academic Evaluation Board, in providing the student with a more comprehensive assessment of his/her strengths and weaknesses, and in aiding in the preparation of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE).  Examples of themes which appear in the narrative comments are:  progress in learning the subject matter, the nature of extenuating circumstances which might have influenced performance, and the pursuit of independent research or projects.

Please refer to the student promotion section for additional information.