Issue Briefs and Tip Sheets

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mindfulness_based_cognitive Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies for Behavioral Health Disorders
Slutsky, Byron & Fulwiler - 2013
  vertical rule graphic    



mindfulness Mindfulness and Health
Fulwiler &  de Torrijos - 2011
  vertical rule graphic  spirituality Spirituality in HIV+ Patient Care
Utley & Wachholtz - 2011



addressing Addressing Tobacco Through Organizational Change (ATTOC)
Ziedonis - 2011
  vertical rule graphic integration Integration of Primary Health Care and Wellness Services Into a Community Mental Health Center
Hobart - 2011



incorporating Incorporating Tobacco Cessation Activities in ICCD Clubhouses
McKay, Ziedonis & Williams - 2011
  vertical rule graphic addressing_tobacco_use Addressing Tobacco Use in Adult Mental Health Service Programs
McKay, Ziedonis, Seward, Williams, Bradley, Colburn & Rocheleau - 2009



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