Issue Briefs and Tip Sheets

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Transition Age Youth

Budgeting Telling Your Money What to Do: The Young Adults Guide
Northeast Massachusetts Community of Practice - 2013
  vertical rule graphic  KeepingAJob How to Keep a Job: The Young Adults Guide
Northeast Massachusetts Community of Practice - 2013



treatment_retention Treatment Retention Strategies in
Transition Age Youth

Davis, Lidz, Fortuna, Fisher, Mistler, Haddad, Christiansen & Sheidow - 2012
  vertical rule graphic  disclosure Do I Tell My Boss? Disclosing My Mental Health Condition at Work
Costa & Smith - 2012



vocational_rehabilitation Vocational Rehabilitation (VR): A Young Adult’s Guide
Whitney, Smith & Duperoy - 2012
  vertical rule graphic  mental_health_rights My Mental Health Rights on Campus
Smith, Ackerman & Costa - 2012



supported_employ Supported Employment Adapted for Young Adults with Peer Mentors: A Feasibility Study
  vertical rule graphic par Young Adults Getting Involved: Participatory Action Research and Transition Age Youth
Delman - 2011 



brief1 Crossing the Divide: Programs that Bridge Child and Adult Mental Health Services
Davis - 2011
  vertical rule graphic brief2  Appealing Features of Vocational Supports for Latino & Non-Lating Transition Age Youth & Young Adult Consumers, Study Goals & Methods
Torres Stone - 2011 



accomodations Tools for School: Accommodations for College Students with Mental Health Challenges
Costa - 2011
  vertical rule graphic ssi Supplemental Security Income: What Happens to your SSI When You Turn 18? 
Long - 2011 



brief3 Becoming an Adult: Challenges for Those with Mental Health Conditions
Davis, Sabella, Smith & Costa - 2011 
  vertical rule graphic  iep Teens on IEPs: Making My "Transition" Services Work for Me
Whitney & Smith - 2011



cop_contact TTYL: Keeping in Contact With Your Professional
Community of Practice, Northeastern Massachusetts - 2011 
  vertical rule graphic cop_info  My Must Have Papers
Community of Practice, Northeastern Massachusetts - 2011



cop_job Applying for a Job: The Young Adult's Guide
Community of Practice, Northeastern Massachusetts - 2011
  vertical rule graphic brief_juvenilejustice1_thumb  Adolescent Mental Health Gender Differences in Arrest Onset and Risk
Davis, Fisher, Banks & Gershenson - 2008 



youth_transition Youth Transitioning to Adulthood: Effects of Different Population Policies in Child and Adult Mental Health Service Systems
Davis & Koroloff - 2005 
  vertical rule graphic supporting_the_transition  Supporting the Transition to Adulthood
Davis - 2004