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Rehabilitation & Recovery

 ipv Intimate Partner Violence in the Deaf Community: 5 Things You Need to Know and 5 Things You Can Do
Anderson - 2014
    Getting Aquainted with Stigma  Getting Acquainted with Stigma: A Brief Introduction
Rodrigues  - 2014



 brain_injury_resources Brain Injury Resources
McKay& Heffernan - 2012 
     mental_illness_advocacy_recovery Mental Illness, Advocacy & Recovery: Ready or Not?
Geller - 2012



 first_steps First Steps and Beyond: Incorporating Shared Decision Making (SDM) in Massachusetts Mental Health Services (Report and Recommendations from the 2009 Summit)
Delman, Foti, Mistler & Skolnick - 2011 
  vertical rule graphic  mission_community MISSION Community Re-Entry for Women (MISSION-CREW):Program Development and Implementation
Pinals, Guy, Fulwiler, Leverentz, Hartwell & Aaker Orvech - 2011



consumer_involvement Consumer Involvement in Research Garverich, Simon, Grudzinskas, McDonald & Grillo- 2008    vertical rule graphic assessing_risk_for  Assessing Risk for Inappropriate Sexual Behavior: Advice from the 2006 Mentally Ill/Problematic Sexual Behavior Program Summit
Vincent - 2007



estimating Estimating Frequencies from Multiple Source Data
Aaker, Lidz & Simon - 2007 
  vertical rule graphic evidence Evidence Based Practices in Mental Health: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Research Considerations
McKay - 2007 



implementation Implementation Research: The Black Box of Program Implementation
Woolsey & Biebel - 2007
  vertical rule graphic pathelogical_gambling  Pathological Gambling: The High Stake Need for Treatment
Aaker - 2005 



recent_research Recent Research Findings from the Program for Clubhouse Research
McKay - 2005 
  vertical rule graphic use_of_clinical  Use of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Outpatient Treatment
Taub - 2005 



assertive_community Assertive Community Treatment: Re-thinking a Tried and Tested Service Model
King - 2004 
  vertical rule graphic    



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