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ZLab Publications 2021

Kaili Fan, Jill E Moore, Xiao-ou Zhang, Zhiping Weng
Genetic and epigenetic features of promoters with ubiquitous chromatin accessibility support ubiquitous transcription of cell-essential genes.
Nucleic Acids Research (2021)
Graphical abstract

Xiao-ou Zhang, Henry Pratt, Zhiping Weng
Investigating the Potential Roles of SINEs in the Human Genome.
Annual Reviews (2021)

Arjan van der Velde, Kaili Fan, Junko Tsuji, Jill E. Moore, Michael J. Purcaro, Henry E. Pratt, Zhiping Weng
Annotation of chromatin states in 66 complete mouse epigenomes during development.
Communications biology (2021)
UCSC genome browser for chromatin states

Houda Belaghzal, Tyler Borrman, Andrew D. Stephens, Denis L. Lafontaine, Sergey V. Venev, Zhiping Weng, John F. Marko, and Job Dekker
Liquid chromatin Hi-C characterizes compartment-dependent chromatin interaction dynamics.
Nature Genetics (2021): 1-12.

Johnathan D. Guest, Thom Vreven, Jing Zhou, Iain Moal, Jeliazko R. Jeliazkov, Jeffrey J. Gray, Zhiping Weng, and Brian G. Pierce
An expanded benchmark for antibody-antigen docking and affinity prediction reveals insights into antibody recognition determinants.
Structure (2021)

Tianxiong Yu, Xiao Huang, Shengqian Dou, Xiaolu Tang, Shiqi Luo, William E Theurkauf, Jian Lu, and Zhiping Weng
A benchmark and an algorithm for detecting germline transposon insertions and measuring de novo transposon insertion frequencies.
Nucleic Acids Research (2021)
Graphical abstract
TEMP2 website | GitHub

Tianxiong Yu, Kaili Fan, Deniz M. OĢˆzata, Gen Zhang, Yu Fu, William E. Theurkauf, Phillip D. Zamore, and Zhiping Weng 
Long first exons and epigenetic marks distinguish conserved pachytene piRNA clusters from other mammalian genes.
Nature Communications 12, no. 1 (2021): 1-17.
Graphical abstract