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Faculty Health and Wellbeing
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Faculty Health and Well-being

Faculty who are experiencing emotional and mental health issues are encouraged to reach out to their local providers to discuss their concerns and possible referral.  The Employee Assistance Program is an excellent option and provides discreet support, assessment and referral when needed. 

The medical staff has recently developed a one-to-one peer support program that is open to its members. These trained clinician peer supporters are available to be a support if you are feeling distress from any cause, either work-related or personal. This is not therapy, rather it is support from colleagues who may be able to relate to what you are experiencing. In addition, our risk management program provides peer support for interested physicians stressed by litigation concerns.

There is no stressful event too small for peer support. If you are stressed, worrying or want to speak to a peer supporter for any reason, please contact us. You can email Dr. Amy Harrington directly at or you can click on the form below.


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Faculty Health

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