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Vitiligo Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are now common for vitiligo patients! This is a really new thing, as clinical trials have been rare or nonexistent in the last 40+ years that we have been treating it. This is really exciting news, and offers patients an opportunity not only to try the newest drugs that are being developed, but to contribute to discovering and testing them, and by doing so changing the future of vitiligo treatment. Clinical trials are important because they provide the data needed to get FDA approval for a new drug for vitiligo, and tell us how well it works under specific testing conditions. This is how treatments used by your doctors are born!



Antibody blockade of IL-15 signaling has the potential to durably reverse vitiligo. 

During our study we found that the vitiligo-causing memory T-cells in both mouse and human skin seem to require IL-15 more than other types of T cells – which means they are more sensitive to levels of this protein. This is important because it means we might be able to selectively remove the vitiligo-causing cells without harming other important immune cells too. In the treated mice, the vitiligo-causing cells became undetectable, but the other T-cells responsible for fighting infection remained unharmed and present, suggesting that our antibody therapy might be safer for the immune system than first thought. 

Based on these results, we are working with the National Institutes of Health-funded Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) to develop a clinical trial to test this antibody treatment in human patients. We are hopeful that we can begin recruiting patients next summer.




Study will be conducted by Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. and will test their investigational study drug ATI-50002  as a topical solution for vitiligo. 

An Open-Label Pilot Study of the Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy of ATI-50002 Topical Solution Administered Twice-Daily in Adult Subjects with Non- Segmental Facial Vitiligo

Vitiligo Clinical Trials



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