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UMass Boston Faculty



Rosanna DeMarco, PhD, RN, PHCNS-BC, APHN-BC, FAAN

Conceptual Interests

·    Public Health Nursing

·    HIV Secondary and Tertiary Prevention

·    Marie-Luise Friedemann: Framework of Systemic Organization and Behavior Change (Family Nursing Theory)

·    Dana Jack: Theory of Silencing the Self  and Safe Sex Negotiation (Social Psychology)

·    Social Ecological Model and Behavior Risk Reduction

·    Quality and Safety in Nurse Workplace (Bullying and Lateral Violence)

Population Interests

·    Black Women Living with HIV Infection

·    Employed Nurses

·    Populations Experiencing Health Disparities

Methodological Interests

·    Community-based, participatory research

·    Experimental, Intervention Research

·    Psychometrics/Measurement

·    Narrative Analyses/Directed or Non-Directed Content Analyses

·    Focus Group and Individual Interviews

·    Peer-led Interventions

·    Mixed Methods

·    Storytelling Narrative Communication as an intervention and booster (film/video/DVD)

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Sun Kim, RN, PhD

Conceptual Interests

·    Smoking Cessation

·    Cultural Tailoring

·    Gender Difference

· Mental Health

Population Interests

·    Asian Immigrants

·    People living with HIV

· People living in an inner urban city

Methodological Interests

·    Experimental Research

·    Longitudinal data analysis

·   Mediation Analysis

Jacqueline Fawcett, RN; PhD; ScD (hon); FAAN; ANEF

Conceptual Interests

·    Nature and structure of knowledge of nursology

·    Conceptual models of nursology

· Construction of conceptual-theoretical-empirical structures for research

Population Interests

· Maternity leave policies

Methodological Interests

· Instrument development

Priscilla K Gazarian, PhD, RN


Conceptual Interests

·    Clinical decision making

·    Preventable harm

·    Patient engagement

·    Advance care planning

·    Dignity and respect

·    Motivational interviewing

Population Interests

·    Acute care adults

Methodological Interests

·    Qualitative research

·    Cognitive task analysis

·    Grounded theory

· Implementation Science

JoAnn Mulready-Shick, RN, CNE, EdD, ANEF

Conceptual Interests

·    Watson's Caring Science and Caring Curriculum concepts

·    Quality and Safety and Systems theoretical concepts

·    Leadership and Professionalism

Population Interests

·    Academic-Practice Partnerships for improving education and practice

·    Nursing Education and Health Professions Policy

·    Global/International Student Success, with focus on Students with English as an  Additional Language

·  Nursing Education Program Development, globally

Methodological Interests

·    Critical Inquiry

·   Interpretive Phenomenology

Teri Aronowitz, FNP, PhD

Conceptual Interests

·    Sexual Health Promotion

·    HIV & STI Prevention

·    Colposcopy

·    College Health

·    Philosophy of Science

·    Conceptual & Theoretical Foundations for Practice & Research

·    Motivational interviewing

·   Health Disparities

Population Interests

·    Family Health

·    Adolescent Health

·    College Students

·    African/African American Families with Adolescents

·    Minority Health

·    Women’s Health

·    LGBTQ

Methodological Interests

·    Community Participatory Action Research

·    Grounded Theory

·    Focus Group Methodology

·   Intervention Research

Janice Foust, RN, PhD

Conceptual Interests

·    Transitional care

·   Medication management

Population Interests

·    Older adults

· Home healthcare

Methodological Interests

· Qualitative


Lisa Heelan-Fancher, RN/BSN, CHPE, PhD


Conceptual Interests

·       Evidence based practice & the translation of evidence into practice

·       Ethics---patient advocacy & human dignity

·       Women's health

·       Childbirth

·       Nursing education

Population Interests

·    Childbirth/Maternity

·    Prenatal care

·    Women's health

·    Reproductive health

·    Nursing students

Methodological Interests

·       Quantitative research

·       Big data analysis

·       Mixed methods

Suzanne Leveille, RN, PhD

Conceptual Interests

·       Disablement

·       Mobility

·       Aging

·       Self-management

·       Patient engagement

·       Attentional demands of chronic pain

·       Population health

Population Interests

·    Older adults

·    Primary care patients

·    Pain assessment and management

·    Self-management interventions

Methodological Interests

·       Epidemiology

·       Quantitative methods

·       Secondary data analysis

·       Longitudinal methods

·       Research design

·       Measurement

·      Statistical analysis


Emily Jones, RNC-OB, PhD


Conceptual Interests

·       Health equity

·       Cardiometabolic Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

·    Postpartum Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction

Population Interests

·    Native American and Indigenous health

·    Maternal-child health

· Family health

Methodological Interests

·       CBPR

·       Mixed Methods

Haeok Lee, RN, DNSc


Conceptual Interests

·       Health Disparities

·       Cancer prevention

·       Narrative intervention

·       Stigma

·       Situation-Specific Theory

·     Intra-personal, inter-personal, and societal level health behaviors

Population Interests

·    Cancer

·    Asian Americans

·    Africans

·    Adolescents/College Students

·    Global health

Methodological Interests

·       Community-based participatory research

·       RCTs

·       Rapid Anthropology Assessment Procedure (RAP)

·       Tool development

·    Cognitive Interview


Mary E. Cooley, RN, PhD

Conceptual Interests

·       Conceptual interests

·       Symptom management and quality of life

·       Decision support

·    Lifestyle risk reduction (smoking, physical activity and diet) Behavioral change Evidence-based practice

Population Interests

·    Lung Cancer

·    Oncology

·    Palliative Care

Methodological Interests

· Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Methods Systematic review Intervention research Implementation science


Ralph Klotzbaugh, PhD, FNP-BC

Conceptual Interests

·       Culturally competent practice

·       Queer Theoretical Perspectives

·       Policy

·       Healthcare Equity

·       Curricular Development

Population Interests

·    LGBTQ(queer) Communities

·    Rurality

·    Intersectionalities

· Medical and social disposition of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People

Methodological Interests

·       Quantitative

·       Mixed Method

·       Survey Development

Suha Ballout, RN, PhD


Conceptual Interests

·       Health disparities

·       Chronic conditions: prevention and management

·       Risky health behaviors

·       Health equity , stigma, discrimination

·    Minority stress

Population Interests

·       Men

·       LGBT

·       Transgender communities

·       Marginalized groups

·       Ethnically diverse groups

Methodological Interests

·       Qualitative research

·       Quantitative research

·       Community-engaged research methods

Laura Hayman, MSN, FAAN, FAHA/PhD

Conceptual Interests

· Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Health Equity, Social Determinants of Health

Population Interests

· Children, adolescents, families, marginalized groups

Methodological Interests

· Quantitative Methods, Mixed-methods, CBPR  

Ling Shi, PhD

Conceptual Interests

· Cardiometabolic health

Population Interests

· Pregnant women and their children

Methodological Interests

· Statistics, randomized controlled trial