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Procurement Methods

Method of Tissue Procurement

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Fresh Tissue Procurement

Fresh, diseased tissue is collected and processed immediately after surgery. 

  • When possible, surrounding healthy tissue is collected as a matched normal control.
  • A variety of services are available including routine histology, fresh tissue for cell culture, frozen sections, as well as DNA and RNA extraction.
  • Anonymous, de-identified clinical and pathologic data are linked to the specimens in a secure database. Sample Pathology Report
  • Specific study needs can be met and consultation during study design is available and recommended. 
  • Assistance in the IRB approval process is offered.
    • PLEASE NOTE: IRB approval is required if you need identifiable private clinical information and/or patient follow-up for your study.



Method of Bone Marrow/Blood Procurement


Bone Marrow and Blood Procurement

Bone marrow and blood specimens are collected and available as fresh cell isolates, frozen cell isolates or unprocessed.