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Tissue and Tumor Types Banked

Availability of Tissue

As a dynamic collection and distribution service, the availability of our tissue changes constantly as we collect new samples and distribute them to internal UMass clients, external academic clients, and commercial interests. 

The Biorepository also has access to a large variety of archived samples. 

Please fill out our Request Specimens Form to inquire about your specific study needs. 

Frequently Requested Tissue Types

Tissue from the following organs is usually readily available but please contact us for specific study needs.  

Adrenal Kidney Skin
Appendix Liver Small Intestine
Bladder Lung Soft Tissue
Brain Lymph Node Spinal Cord
Breast Ovary Stomach
Cervix Pancreas Testis
Colon Peritoneum Thyroid
Endometrium Prostate Ureter
Fallopian Tubes Rectum Uterus
Gallbladder Renal Pelvis Vulva

Specimen User Agreement

Investigators receiving specimens from the UMCCTS Biorepository hereby agree to acknowledge the contributions of the Biorepository in all publications resulting from the use of these specimens (NIH Grant #UL1TR001453).  Investigators agree to assume all risks and responsibility in connection with the receipt, handling, storage and use of specimens.  Investigators further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Biorepository for costs, damages or expenses resulting from the use of the tissues provided. 

Tissues are provided as a service to the research community without warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranty, express or implied. The UMass Tissue Bank operates on a fee for service model and all fees reflect the actual expenses of cost recovery in providing services.


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Please use our Request Specimens Form for all general inquiries and sample requests.

Request Specimens Form