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R. Madison Green- Postdoc. Chemical Biologist, Triton Systems Inc.

Mary Canzano - Intern. Graduate Student University of Cambridge

Elenore Wiggin- PhD Candidate in Immunology and Microbiology Program

Sudeshna Sen- Senior Research Scientist, Curadev Pharma.

Ananta Ghimire - Manager of SMSF. Currently Research Scientist at X Chem Inc. 

Santanu Mondal - Postdoctoral Associate. Currently, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Archie Reyes - Postdoctoral Associate, Currently Scientist at Enanta Pharmaceuticals.  

Sangram Parelkar - Manager of SMSF.  Principal Scientist Dewwpoint Therapeutics. 

Heather Loring - Graduate Student.  Senior Analyst at Health Advances. 

Ari Salinger - Postdoctoral Associate.  Currently a Principal Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Ronak Tilvawala - Postdoctoral Associate.  Biochemist/Chemical Biologist Scorpion Therapuetics.

Mitesh Nagar - Postdoctoral Associate.  Currently a Scientist at Paraza Pharma, Inc. 

Venkatesh Nemmara -Postdoctoral Associate. Senior Assay Specialist/Manager. 

Padmavathy Nandha Premnath - Postdoctoral Associate. Currently Principal Analytical Chemist Corden Pharma. 

Li Zheng - Postdoctoral Associate. Currently an Investigator at GSK.

Son Nguyen- Postdoctoral Associate. Currently an Assistant Professor at Hollins University.

Kathleen Clancy- Postdoctoral Associate.  Currently an Investigator at GSK. 

Min Wang- Postdoctoral Associate.  Currently a Sr. Scientist at Prelude Therapeutics. 

Aaron Muth -Postdoctoral Associate. Currently an Associate Professor at St. John's University in NY.

Jakob Fuhrmann - Postdoctoral Associate. Currently a senior scientist at Genentech.

Jeremy Yap -Postdoctoral Associate. Currently a Scientist II at C4 Therapeutics, Inc.

Hema Srinath - Research Associate. Currently a technician at AbbVie.

Christina J. Dreyton - Received Ph.D. in 2016. Currently a postdoctoral research associate at The Scripps Research Institute - Florida.

Venkataraman Subramanian -Postdoctoral Associate. Currently a Senior Scientist at MilliporeSigma.

Heather Rust - Received Ph.D. in 2013. Currently a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

Dan LewallenPostdoctoral Associate. Currently a patent agent at Barnes and Thornburg Indianapolis IN.

Daniel Slade - Postdoctoral Associate. Currently an Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech.

Corey Causey – Postdoctoral Associate.  Currently an Associate Professor with tenure University of North Florida.

Larry Jones – Postdoctoral Associate.  Pharmacist at Triad Isotopes.

Bryan Knuckley  Received Ph.D. in 2009.  Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida.

Joy Burleyson – Received M.S. in 2008.  Currently a research technician at University of North Carolina.

Dana Broughton – Received Ph.D. in 2008.  Associate IP Attorney at Wood IP LLC.

Tanesha Osborne – Received Ph.D. in 2008.  Currently an Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University.

Yuan Luo – Postdoctoral Associate. 

Monica Bhatia – Received Ph.D. in 2007.  Co Founder and CO-CEO EQUII. Scientist.

Justin Jones - Received Ph.D. in 2010.  Currently a Senior Technical Team leader at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic.

Jessica Slack - Received Ph.D. in 2010.  Currently Global Market Development Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Obianyo Obiamaka  - Received Ph.D. in 2010. University of South Carolina, School of Medicine Columbia.

Kevin Bicker - Received Ph.D. in 2010 and Postdoctoral Associate.  Currently an Assistant Professor at Middle Tennessee State University.