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Enzyme Freezer Supply has products from nine vendors: Bio-Rad, Invitrogen, NEB, Promega, Qiagen, Roche, Sigma, Agilent (Stratagene), and KapaBiosystems (to visit vendor websites click the logos above). Many products are available on site either through the main TCEFS supply center in Biotech I or in freezers and vending machines in various locations across the campus (click TCEFS Remote Freezer Locations in the lefthand navigation menu for more details). The products that are stocked in these locations can be viewed by clicking on the links below (not all products are stocked in all locations). Products that are not stocked in these locations and special orders can be conveniently ordered by email (enzymefreezer@umassmed.edu ) and will be delivered to your laboratory either the same day (stock items) or the next day (special orders). You will always save by ordering through TCEFS, guaranteed! The ordering deadlines for next day delivery vary by vendor: Agilent-Stratagene, 12 noon; KapaBiosystems, 1:00 PM; Invitrogen, 2:00 PM; all other vendors, 3:00 PM. Effective immediately, BioRad products will be ordered on Mondays and Thursdays only, please plan accordingly.  Questions? Please call TCEFS at 508-856-2541 or 508-856-1745. Need Tissue Culture Supply Products?

Pricing and Order Forms*

*Please note that items not found on these forms can be special ordered through TCEFS.