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TCEFS Bulletin Board



  • 03/05/3034: As of this month, we have a new email,! All emails sent to the and addresses are forwarded to the new inbox. 
    • For future orders, please send them directly to the inbox. If they are sent to all the mailboxes, we will receive duplicates resulting in possible issues with your orders. 
  • 1/25/2024: As of this month, we will no longer be fulfilling requests for access cards to the Promega kiosks. The program is in the process of being discontinued.
    • If you have any Promega products you would like us to carry in our stock, please email us with the information about the product. 
  • 1/25/2024: Due to our system updates, our program no longer allows us to process split invoicing between multiple speedtype numbers. This change was implemented on the 1st of January. 
    • If you have a previous order with a split, we will reach out to you about providing us with a new speedtype number. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at 
  • 1/25/2024: The Promega kiosk in the ASC has been removed from the building and will not be replaced at this time. The only kiosk for Promega now is located in Biotech II, on the loading dock.  


The current invoice correction deadline is March 26th! Please have all corrections sent over to us by 5 PM.

Any corrections we receive after this deadline will not be possible and must be made directly by the department.