Tissue Culture and Enzyme Freezer Supply

TCEFS (Tissue Culture and Enzyme Freezer Supply) is your one stop campus center for ordering molecular biology and tissue culture products for same day or next day delivery. We maintain an extensive inventory of DNA modifying enzymes, DNA and RNA purification products, restriction enzymes, PCR and qPCR reagents, and a host of other products on site in Biotech I as well as at several other convenient locations across the campus.  The campus network of vendor freezers, refrigerators and cabinets includes locations in the Medical School, Lazare Research Building, and Biotech II and features products from over a dozen vendors (click the TCEFS Remote Freezer Locations button in the lefthand navigation menu for more information).  Most stocked items are offered at a considerable discount and there are no shipping charges.  TCEFS is also your one stop ordering point for special orders for molecular biology and tissue culture supplies from New England Biolabs, Life Sciences (Invitrogen), Qiagen, Promega, Roche, BioRad, Stratagene, MediaTech, Hyclone, Sigma, and KapaBiosystems generally with overnight delivery and there are never any shipping charges.

Need serum?  TCEFS stocks fetal bovine serum from PAA, Sigma, Hyclone, Life Sciences (Invitrogen), Atlas, and MediaTech. Prices are steeply discounted and there are never any shipping charges.

To learn what is stocked in the supply freezers and cabinets on campus just click the products navigation buttons in the lefthand navigation menu.  What you need is likely just a few steps away, but if not, just email (enzymefreezer@umassmed.edu or tissueculture@umassmed.edu) your order and you'll have what you need the next day.  Questions?  Call 508-856-1745 (tissue culture supply) or 508-856-2541 (enzyme freezer supply).