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Nicholas Gaston

Graduate Student, Sontheimer Lab

Nick holds Bachelor’s degrees in Molecular & Cell Biology and Physiology & Neurobiology from the University of Connecticut. After completing his studies at UConn, he joined the Sontheimer lab in 2019 as a laboratory technician and manager. During this time, he gained experience in CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing techniques with applications in mammalian cells and mice. After transitioning to a graduate student in the Sontheimer lab in 2021, Nick’s research emphasis shifted towards the development of gene editing therapeutics to combat cardiac genetic disorders. His work focuses on developing prime editing strategies to treat inherited dilated cardiomyopathy. Beyond his graduate studies, Nick is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. In this capacity, he has provided critical prehospital care during medical emergencies, from patient assessment to decisive treatment administration. When he is not in the lab, Nick enjoys hiking and backpacking with his dog.


 Nicholas Gaston    @NGaston_12