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SMSF compound libraries

 Unique small drug-like molecule libraries with diverse physiochemical profiles that occupy novel chemical space


  • 19F Fragment Library: 320 highly diverse fluorinated fragments (MW <350; ClopP <3.5; Fsp3 > 0.4)
  • LOPAC (Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds): 1280 compounds
    • Impact most cellular processes and covers all major drug target classes
    • Excellent starting point
  • FDA Drug Libraries (US and International): 1280 compounds
    • Approved drugs, including late stage clinical
    • Move to clinic research quickly
  • Diversity Set: 15,360 (5,000 + 10,000) compounds
    • Broad chemical diversity with more than 1000 different scaffolds
  • Central Nervous System targeted library: 5,000 compounds
    • Compounds selected using CNS specific filters
  • Epigenetics targeted library: 2,601 compounds
    • Virtual docking and similarity search based
  • Fragment-based library: 2,600 compounds
    • Molecular weight less than 300
    • cLogP less than 3
  • ChemBridge (DIVERSet™): 30,000 compounds
    • Cover the broad part of biological diversity space
    • Recognized and proven for primary screening
  • Covalent Fragment Library: 1300 compounds
  • Epigenetics Compound Library: 181 compounds
    • Tool for chemical genomics, epigenetic target identification in pharmacogenomics and other biological applications
    • Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable
  • Kinase Inhibitor Library: 429 compounds
    • Kinase inhibitors for high throughput and high content screening
    • Bioactivity and safety confirmed by preclinical research and clinical trials
  • Epigenetics Probe Collection: 37 Compounds
    • Small drug-like molecules with in vitro IC50 or Kd <100nM
    • >30-fold selectivity over proteins in the same family