Exposed concrete


It may look like a super-sized squash court, but in fact the concrete walls now standing on the western edge of the Albert Sherman Center (ASC) construction site are part of the foundation for the upper portion of the building.

In recent days, construction workers have stripped off the black and orange forms used to shape the standing walls, and they are now re-positioning those forms to build the remaining sections of the upper-building foundation. As the forms go up, iron workers place steel reinforcing bars—commonly called rebar—within the forms to strengthen the concrete that is poured around them.

It will require approximately 8,175 yards of concrete to build the foundation walls and footings for both the upper and lower sections of the ASC. As of Oct. 11, some 1,842 yards of concrete have already been poured.

Meanwhile, on the lower section of the ASC site this week, iron workers have placed four upright steel beams (with connected cross beams) that are structural elements for the building’s elevator pits. This relatively small steel structure will eventually be encased by concrete foundation walls and footings. Erection of structural steel to frame the nine floors of the ASC is expected to begin late this year.

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