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Karel Svoboda

Vice President and Executive Director, Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics, Seattle

Karel Svoboda is the Vice President and Executive Director of the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics. He previously was a Senior Group Leader at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus. Svoboda’s work is at the intersection of neuronal biophysics and cognition. His goal is to identify core principles underlying information processing in mammalian neural circuits at the level of the whole brain. Svoboda has developed several widely-used methods to interrogate neural structure and function in intact brains. Notable contributions include microscopy methods to image synapses over times of weeks in the intact brain during learning; engineered sensitive fluorescent protein sensors for noninvasive imaging of neural activity; microscopes with very large fields of view that enable imaging multiple brain regions with single neuron resolution. Svoboda is an advocate for open and reproducible science. He is a founder of the Neurodata Without Borders and ScanImage projects. He is also interested in imaging brain diseases including tumors, & ALZ plaques.

Multi-scale OTLS microscopy for quantitative analysis of brain metastases.