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Research focus

  • Using broad profiling and functional genomics approaches to understand oncogenic mechanisms in diverse sarcoma subtypes.
  • Establishing mechanisms of epigenetic regulation in gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) and their influence on treatment efficacy and clinical outcomes.
  • Characterizing the functions of oncogenic fusion proteins in translocation-associated sarcomas.

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The Sarcoma Lab is dedicated to performing rigorous basic, translational and clinical research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with sarcoma.

We do this through: 

  • Performing rigorous research utilizing diverse experimental methods and technologies.
  • Prioritizing education, development, and career advancement of all lab members and trainees.
  • Making diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging essential components of our shared mission.
  • Collaborating across the spectrum of basic and clinical disciplines.
  • Empowering patients and advocates to improve understanding and access to care.
  • Raising awareness about rare cancers and rare cancer research. 

Laboratory environment

We believe that the success of our shared mission depends upon fostering a research environment with the highest quality science, outstanding training, diverse perspectives, consistent mentorship, and personal development.

  • We're all lifelong learners and at various stages in our journey to master this craft. We will be supportive, understanding, and present for each other through the challenges and successes that personal and professional life bring.
  • We prioritize personal health and wellbeing. All institutional and laboratory safety practices are followed. We seek a healthy work-life balance that can sustain a creative, productive, and enjoyable career.
  • Science is, by nature, more creative and engaging when collaborative and inclusive. Sharing ideas, experiences, results, mistakes, and constructive feedback improves everyone's level of science.
  • We respect everyone's unique background, perspective, thought process, and ideas. We welcome everyone regardless of their beliefs, culture, race, gender, identity, socioeconomic status, or age. Everyone is welcome to join the excitement of scientific research!
  • The best measure of accomplishment for the laboratory is the happiness and success of trainees. There are so many wonderful opportunities and career paths extending from our laboratory research, and everyone will be fully supported and encouraged to follow their aspirations. 

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Join our team

We are looking for motivated, creative, and collaborative individuals to join our team. Please contact us for information!

  • Postdoctoral/clinical fellows
  • Graduate students
  • Staff scientists
  • Research assistants
  • Undergraduate researchers

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