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Did an external sponsor, vendor, collaborator or other third party provide, under a Non-Disclosure Agreement or a Confidentiality Agreement(1), the item, information or software to be shared, shipped, transmitted or transferred? 


Note (1)

A reminder about NDAs and similar confidentiality agreements:

UMass Chan faculty may be asked to accept confidential, proprietary, or export controlled data or material as part of a research project subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by both the discloser and the recipient. NDAs may include licensing agreements which limit or prohibit the disclosure or transfer of the licensed data or materials.  

In addition, if you accept confidential or proprietary information subject to a Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement, and the disclosure restrictions affect your ability to publish research results, the research itself will lose its characterization as "fundamental research" for export control purposes. Should the research entail information or software identified on US export control lists, and you wish to have foreign nationals participate in the research, you may be required to obtain an export license.

If you are asked to sign such an agreement, contact Amy Miarecki in Grants and Contracts Administration for assistance.